Friday, February 8, 2013

Dichotomy: Black/red Severe/flirty

The title says it all. 

There are days when I like to play with that severe, buttoned-up, sexually repressed librarian aesthetic. My favorite example would be Lily Esposito, who together with her sister Maddie caught style bloggers' eyes during the proclamation of their mom Claire McCaskill's election win. If only I could work a crown braid! 

Now I know that according to What Not To Wear I should stay away from prim buttoned-up looks, but I don't know, there are just days when I think it works.
It helps to balance it out with an exuberant skirt, I think. Matching lipstick to the print works too!

I also like adding lots of accessories for some edge, so "repressed librarian" becomes "repressed antiques dealer" LOL.

Credits: shirt, Human; skirt, Sinequanone; shoes, Peacocks; necklaces, Mines View market and Forever 21; bracelets eQuip, Bead Shop and tiangges.

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