Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girl crushes: Curves ahoy!

Thee are days when I struggle with my curves. Everyday is a journey to love, accept and celebrate my body - God-given, unique, strong and capable of so many things...something I sometimes forget when clothes don't fall too well and I wish that this or that part was smaller, toner, flatter, etc.

I also think that not seeing enough diverse bodies out there, in the media, can make plus size women feel "out of the norm," isolated and "other." So I thought I'd do us all a solid and celebrate some absolutely gorgeous, curvy women. Check them out under the cut.

Kate Upton.
My current girl crush, wow. While she's not plus size per se, she's been unfairly criticized for being a tad larger than she was last time on the SI cover. But I think she looks even better now! This cover is scorching although poor Kate suffered for it :(

These next five pictures come from a Buzzfeed post called "America Thinks These Women Are Plus Size."  It's kind of strangely titled, because these ladies ARE plus size (over size 12), so it makes you ask -- does the poster assume that "plus size" is a negative adjective? Anyway, iffy title or not, I'm still grateful to this post for a wealth of beautiful, curvy women I might not have seen before...

 Marquita Pring
 Candice Huffine. Love this picture -- great outfit idea for the weekend!

Anansa Sims. Now this is an outfit I'm copying for work!

 Denise Bidot. Dangerous curves ahead!

 Nadia Aboulhosn. So fierce. And another outfit to copy heehee.

Here's a sad fact though. I haven't come across many Asian plus size models. One of the most visible is Maggie Brown. She is indeed beautiful. But we need more representation in the industry!


Hope you found some curves-piration today! Remember, all bodies are beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Stephanie Shiu is also an asian plus size model, though I think she's born in canada. Another great inspiration is Allison of curvygirlchic. Great post btw!

Katrina said...

Cool, thanks for the recs!! So inspiring!


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