Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just jeans

As a chesty plus size lady, I can't tell you enough how frustrating it is to achieve that simple, no-fuss, white-shirt-tucked-in-dark-jeans look. First off, finding a button-down that actually closes over the chest? Like looking for a unicorn, man. The next hurdle is finding a great pair of jeans that don't bunch or pinch in the oddest places.

Here I hit on a combination that works, but my key advice? Invest in brands that know how to work with curves.

Unfortch, for us curvies that may mean going for foreign brands. Like it or not most local retailers cater to the slim "Asian" build, and while brands like BAYO have generous sizes that include curvier girls in their stocks, we have to admit that jeans and button-downs are some of the hardest items to get right, size-wise.

Here I'm wearing an Old Navy button-down, size L. It's the only woman-sized polo I own that doesn't gape at the boob area. My jeans are Dorothy Perkins. Tip: get mid-rise jeans with a bit of flare to balance the figure and accommodate them curves. Plus points for these jeans being the right length -- I hate having to fold them when I'm wearing flats!

 Plus Size Fasyon Mudra approved!

I'm also wearing: Parisian leopard flats and SM Department Store belt; Girl Shoppe bangle and a silver necklace from Baguio.

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