Monday, February 11, 2013

Office uniform #2

These couple of weeks are quite the big deal at work -- we're to be at our best behavior, and that means major corporate dress code! So my favorite office look, Daily Uniform #2 (Here's #1 -- you could alternate different versions of these looks all year long) is now out of favor. :( Too bad, 'cause I love it so!

+1 after the cut!

You guys might not agree, but for me, the oversize polo belted over a pencil skirt look is the perfect blend of "quirky professional" that I aim for: not too polished but not sloppy either; looking a bit "creative" but not so creative that one looks, well, incapable. Hehe.

Supermowdel pohse
The topknot, fun accessories and aqua platform pumps add to that "quirky professional" vibe too, I think! I especially love how the turquoise necklace contrasts nicely with the plum skirt.

What about you, what's your favorite workplace look?

Chambray polo, Esprit (hubby's); belt, People are People; skirt, F21; shoes, Nava. Necklace, Hong Kong Jade Market; bracelets, H&M, The Bead Shop.


Tsephe Letseka said...

My favourite workplace look is the one I'm currently in right now, which is jeans and a T-shirt.

And I can't believe the look you have on is not considered appropriate for the office. I think it's perfect.

Katrina said...

Thanks! This is OK for normal days, but we were at Corporate Defcon One last week -- all suits and propriety. Thankfully that's over now and I can go back to dressing like this again!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just came across your blog today and I think it's so wonderful!! I came across this post and noticed how amazing your legs (or rather your calves) look!! I'm a huge fan of muscular calves and would just like to know if you do any any specific calf workouts! I'd also love to see how they look when they're flexed so if you can please shoot some pictures of you flexing them and post them that would be nice!!


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