Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Out and about

Week two of corporate dressing has been taking it's toll and I'm feeling cabin fever as a result. So today I thought I'd feature a couple of pictures that aren't really related to each other but are set in the great outdoors. Might be a cure for claustrophobia!
This was my Christmas Day outfit, taken at my sister's porch. Naturally I'm wearing some new Christmas hauls: a see-through blouse with a lace back (from my Mom), a wraparound leather bracelet from Nava (from my son, but I picked it out myself he-he) and a lovely gold rosette necklace from my sister in law. Add in some cheerful red trousers and you're all set for the holiday experience! (also in picture: my grandfather and uncle Lou!)

THIS! Is my current Facebook profile picture, taken by an officemate at last week's tournament match. I thought I'd update you with how the company football team I'd been stressed about is doing. Rather well, I should say, and though the morning matches make me lose sleep (check out those concealer-less under-eye circles!) and cause migraines from the heat (aural migraines y'all suck) I still love running up and down a pitch kicking a ball blocking people and occasionally trash-talking too much.

Sigh, oh the outdoors, how I miss you, stuck in my room all day under artificial light....these pics make me feel a bit better, though. How about you? How do you cure the indoor blues?

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