Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lumberjack femme

It's not a secret that I'm kind of obsessed with gigantic men's shirts, especially the Ye Olde Grunge flannel numbers my husband unearthed from his closet just for me. Here's how I wear them to prevent sloppitude:

I don't know why, but red plaid flannel just goes so excellently with dark denim, and so even if this is very lumberjack-y I just can't resist pairing them together. But so I don't look exactly like I'm off to fell timber, I added some sassy acqua pumps (Nava) and a nice gold bib necklace (Punk Kikay). Let's see you cut trees in that!

Another trick -- the half-tuck. A full-tuck tends to look "proper male college student" to me while untucked is much too billowy. The half-tuck is just the right amount of laid back fasyon.

Wearing: Wrangler plaid tee, Buffalo jeans.

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