Monday, March 25, 2013

Nerd crush

Taking a cue from the Elaine Benes, here's another nerd-inspired look with elements of granny cardigan, top knot and amped up details.

With the slacks and 50s-style one-button cardigan, this is my Nutty Professor look, or maybe glamorous-housewife-running-errands-properly outfit. (Peg here!).

The vintage man's shirt (from a collection of shortsleeves my mom wore to work in the 80s) adds some structure to the femme elements. To keep things from getting too functional, I have some high impact accessories: scarlet pumps, lips and nails; large bangles; statement necklace and blood-red nailpolish.

Cardigan and shirt, from my mom; pants, Terraniva; Payless pumps; Girl Shoppe and tiangge bangles; SM Dept. Store skinny belt; gifted necklace.

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