Monday, March 18, 2013

Tummy tucker: the sheer tunic

If you ask me what versatile piece of clothing every mudra should have, I'll always say a nice, lightweight tunic. It works with shorts, pants or skirts; dressed up or dressed down; and is a great thing to grab when you're not feeling particularly coordinated and just want to get out the door.

I have a couple of tunics on rotation that see a lot of action, so when this color-blocked sheer top went on sale at Zalora, I had to have it. Wore it immediately to work!

I like the uneven hem on this -- another design detail, along with the color-blocking, that makes the ordinary tunic just a bit more interesting.

It's also a great way to smooth out a silhouette if you're conscious about puson, muffin top, belly rolls, FUPA, what have you.

As I discovered here, layering a sheer top over a tucked-in undershirt and pencil skirt does the trick. The pencil skirt and tucked-in top show off your figure while the sheer overshirt "veils" the lumps and bumps.

Wearing: Chloe Edit tunic (via Zalora), Hygeia tank top; Forever 21 pencil skirt; gift necklace; Envy and Bosquejo bracelets.
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Tania Arpa said...

Uy! What size ka sa Chloe edit? I been wanting to try some of their stuff on Zalora, but I wasn't sure if the xl will fit me.

Katrina said...

Wearing XL tunic. Is big! I could fit L, but OK na din ito :)

Tsephe Letseka said...

Large or X large, it fits you perfectly well. You look great! Must say you're quite the fashionista.

Katrina said...


Buy Tunics Online said...

I love it, you look great! And its perfect for fashion week! That dress fits you so well


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