Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turning purple

This past weekend, on Twitter and Facebook I've been posting about my summer makeover! I switched out the long locks and grown-out ombre that I've had since, oh, forever for something sharp, swingy...AND PURPLE!

Why? Well, I'd been getting sick of my long waves. Hair's been so unwieldy that it always pulls free of the tightest bun when playing soccer. And with the weather decidedly summery, it's just been so hot and heavy (in a bad way). In Tagalog, nakakabanas! 
Talk about flying in the wind!
As for the purple, well -- after the ombre I'd been thinking of what other color to dye my hair. My sister's been pushing me to go really light -- like ash blonde -- but I just don't think I have the coloring or attitude for it. I wanted a rich, deep hue, but not red. So I envisioned a nice, velvetty plum. 

So off we went to the Azta Urban Salon at Alabang Town Center for my makeover. Below, click for the step-by-step transformation...and the "after" picture!

But before anything else...well, let's start with another "before":
The usual long locks. Well, a few minutes in stylist Herbert's hands and this wavy tangle became this:

 A short, sharp bob! And now on to the fun part:

Turning purple!

What we did was not just the normal hair dye but what they called a "color correction" -- to really get the hue in the hair dye swatch. First, the stylist assistant sectioned off my hair and applied bleach.

BLEACH!!! I admit this part was a bit freaky. When it was first on my head it was like blue goop. Then not even 40 minutes later, that blue goop turned the dark brown tresses blonde. AMAZING!

I also have to say, the Azta crew really know what they're doing. I was waiting for it to hurt or tingle, but it didn't feel unpleasant at all. It helped that they left a section of roots alone first and then applied bleach there for the last 10 or 15 minutes or so of coloring, so my scalp was sunog-free.

OMG! I'm a blonde! For about 30 minutes haha. They had to re-bleach the tips of my hair, where there was leftover ombre color, because that part was darker than the top. But it was still a kick to see myself in Goldilocks mode!

 I don't think baby Elise appreciates her blonde mama! Haha! No worries little girl, this is going to change soon...

 Here's the part I was excited for...adding the purple color!

The shade I chose was MLV 6.2 "Dark Mauve Blonde." The stylists promised I wouldn't end up with cartoonish Katy Perry hair, just a nice deep purple that would still be work appropriate.

Trippy! With half a head of blonde and half a head of purple.

 While all this was going on my kind sister was good enough to watch my little girl. The whole thing from hair cut to bleach to final color took about four hours, so my sister's kindness was really appreciated. Love you girl!

And so, after getting the dark mauve blonde dye on, waiting about 40 minutes for the color to take, a marathon shampooing and a few swings of the blow-dryer later, here's where we end up: 

 TADAH! Nice, rich, deep plum color. Swingy and summery but still work-appropriate. AND I LOVE IT!!

Here it is, two days later and after my own attempts at blow-drying:

Precisely what I wanted. Thank you Azta!! Sooooo worth it!

So what do you think? Does it fit me? Are YOU planning a summer makeover too? Share away!!


lornadahl said...

Wait, you play football? Amazing! I'm such a football groupie, as my bro would call me, and I'd love to see you in action! Grabe, super excited ako!

I've always loved purple and this truly looks good on you! Love the length of your hair, too. Looks di masyadong high-maintenance. Ahlvaeet!

Katrina said...

Hi Lorna!! Yup I've been playing since around 2009. Started with futsal and now "graduated" to outdoor football. Haha footie groupie ka din pala? I actually started playing kasi I became a big fan of Germany (nations football) and Liverpool (club). I found a workshop for beginner adults and ayun, the rest is history! :)

Thanks for the hair compliment! I love the length. Ang gaan ng feeling hehehe!

Gilai said...

Hi. I stumbled upon your blog coz I really want to dye my hair purple for the longest time! May I ask how much it cost you last year? Thank you.

Katrina said...

Hi Gilai! Around 3,500, but that's including a bottle of Bed Head Dumb Blonde shampoo for maintenance of the bleached hair. :)

Anonymous said...

hello how much did it cost? :)


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