Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kaleidoscope Head

I've been quite preoccupied lately...with my hair.

So you all remember how I went purple, right? This is how my hair looked like after (finally) washing it:
Nice and purple, just like I wanted.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Because just four weeks after snapping a picture of these gorgeous purple locks...this happened:

It just lightened -- more and more each day -- until I was almost blonde, or down to the bleached shade by last Saturday, after a marathon 8-hour football tournament (See top right). Why? Could be a number of reasons. I went back to Azta Urban Salon ATC and they said this can happen because the process of bleaching leaves hair porous, causing color leaching. It could also be that I washed my hair too often (about every other day), failed to use color safe conditioner, or was overly exposed to the sun. Or maybe MLV is just not a good hair dye. :(

While people still complemented my hair, the fact is I didn't want to be blonde -- I wanted PURPLE HAIR stamp feet stamp feet! Yes I can be stubborn like that when I set my mind on things. Plus my dark roots were coming in, so a choice had to be made: maintain the blonde or re-dye everything altogether. I went for option 2.

And because I didn't want to spend too much at the salon anymore, I consulted with my friend Krestta, who always has the most vivid hair, and decided to DIY it.

She recommended Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Creme dye (P250 at Landmark) for long-lasting color. I chose shade 4-89: Medium Brown Red Violet. I just had to get a hair dye bowl and brush because this brand doesn't come with an applicator.

So while watching Bb Pilipinas GOLD and with help from my hubby, I covered up the blonde and ended up with this:
So it's more red-brown than violet, but at least I'm no longer straw-headed. Here's hoping this color lasts long!

And that, so far, is the story of my hair!

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