Thursday, April 4, 2013

Magic pants (and still life with trashcan)

I was watching my 30 Rock DVDs last night and came upon that Season 5 episode where Liz Lemon finds the perfect pair of jeans from Brooklyn Without Limits that make her look slim and her ass perfect...only to find that her fair trade jeans are actually owned by Evil Empire Halliburton! So she gives them up and goes to work in...this
I love this episode because they shoot Tina Fey from the waist up at all times and use a model body double for her pants shots. Plus that's one of the best Jack Donaghy insults ever! 

Evil empires and body doubles aside, I have a pair of those magic pants too. Only these are from Zara (last seen here!)

I mean, this is a very lazy look. I'm wearing one of my blousiest, comfiest, most buffet-appropriate shirts ever, UNTUCKED!

Oh, all right, I put a bit of effort in with the accessories, the blazer and the pop o' color shoes hehe

 Credits: Bangkok top, Zara jeans and pumps, necklaces from Baguio and the Russian Market, Cambodia; H&M, Nava and Bosquejo bracelets.

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