Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer giveaway: Sun-shunner's whitening kit

It's been some time since I last did this, but what the heck: it's time for a Plus Size Fasyon Mudra giveaway! And if you totally shun the sun then this is for you.

Lanelle Whitening Kit

Full disclosure: I got this Lanelle whitening kit from a raffle. It came with sunblock, which I kept: it works well for me and doesn't give me breakouts (and is a great back up since my other sunblock bottle broke!)

But I'm not into whitening, so the rest of the products are up for grabs by one lucky commenter! I know some of you shun the sun and do everything in your power to maintain a fair complexion. If that's you, here's what you'll get:
Lanelle Transparent Soap is a whitening and moisturizing soap, which has sun protection (SPF20) .   It is a gentle, hypo-allergenic soap which evens out skin tone by lightening dark spots as it cleanses and moisturizes the skin.
(all descriptions from the Lanelle Skin Care website)

It is specifically formulated to not only thoroughly cleanse the skin but also smoothen and lighten...gently removes dirt and residue on your face without drying your skin....has exfoliating agents that lifts of dead skin cells, revealing younger-looking skin.
Bleaching creams are formulated to lighten the skin tone that is why it is the best method to remove simple dark spots.  The chemical compounds found in bleaching creams evens the skin complexion by reducing the amount of melanin and since Lanelle Bleaching Cream is made with active ingredients, it is proven that this product lightens the skin and evens the skin complexion at the same time. 
To win this kit, all you have to do is answer the question: What's the worst thing about summer in the Philippines? Post your answer in the comments section of this post. That's all you have to do! The best answer gets the Lanelle whitening kit with the transparent soap, whitening toner and bleaching cream! Deadline is on April 17, 2013.

As for me, the worst thing about summer in the Philippines? Man, this heat!
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Lanelle Skin Care. Aside from the sunblock, which I like, I've never used any of their products so I can't say how they work and I carry no responsibility with how they work on you. So proceed at your own risk and good luck!


Jackie Escanlar said...

i don't know about summers in other country since i haven't experience any other summer than PH. its the heat that i really can't tolerate and the "lagkit" you feel on your skin. but the worst thing about summer in the PH for me is that all of the kids in the neighbor were in the streets, since they don't go to school they have so much free time to play outside. they are noisy, they run on the streets and can accidentally hit by a car or your bike it happened to me when i ride my bike and i was certain i wont hit any since i can't see some kids playing. but there is one kid who run outside their gate and i almost hit him! also since summer and no classes there's videoke everywhere. i walk like 10steps away and there's another videoke party. i just really hate too much noise. :P

Kae said...

The worst thing about summer in the Philippines would be the scorching sun, but then again heat doesn't seem to fade away even in the evenings. Airconditioning even sucks (parang walang effect especially around noon). I hate that stickiness feel from the sweat you get in this heat.

carrie said...

The water bill! Kasi 3x a day kung mag-shower :P

Julie Ann Sta. Ines said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie Ann Sta. Ines said...

The weather, yun bang super hot na hot na tirik na tirik si SUN tapos biglang uulan. Worst is summer na summer bonggang bonggang may nagkakasipon at ubo, just like me.. hehe..!! =]

Tyrone said...

Worst thing about summer in the Philippines? Yung pag ang parking area mo is 15-20 minute walk from the office mas worst is ang pasok mo is 2:00pm ng katirikan ng araw. ;)


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