Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Curvy Shoutout!

It's always nice to "hang out" with people with the same interests/out look as one does, even if it's online -- well, given that I'm almost always online, I should change that to "especially if it's online." If you're a curvy Pinay who feels alone in a sea of balingkinitan reeds, take heart and inspiration from:

Pinay Curvies, the "sisterhood of fat and fabulous Pinays," founded by Mitch, whose style I crazy admire and have featured here before, and Lorna as a fun community for size acceptance and body love. Check out the Pinay Curvies blog, Pinay Curvies Facebook group and Pinay Curvies Twitter

#UsapangCurvy is the Wednesday night Twitter party hosted by @pinaycurvies. I have a lot of fun on these tweet-fests and have 'met' some cool people through them! OK, even if I am secretly antisocial, my wish is for a face-to-face Usapang Curvy heehee! It's THAT fun. You should join next Wednesday!

Check out these plus size bloggers for inspiration too!
Your turn!

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