Friday, May 24, 2013

Shoes shoes shoes

HELLO! I'm still alive! Stressed to death but still here. It's been crazy on the work front, but you know how boring that is. Thank God for Landmark for allowing me some retail therapy without killing my budget.

And just in time too, because a lot of my shoes were starting to die. Let me show you my stash!!

Strappy blue bootie sandals, marked down to P540 from P1,000++
For the first time ever, I need black shoes! All my still-okay shoes are in all these wild colors. Plus these are flat, and I love that badass spiked bow.

Speaking of spikes...
Can't resist them! It's the Louboutin effect.

Best part? All of this came out to about P1,230. Those black flats were discounted less 100. Great deal!

Yay for shoes and yay for cheap retail therapy. Where do you go for your fix?

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