Friday, May 3, 2013

Water baby

Forever 21 top; Speedo shorts (they have large sizes, yes!!)
I've never been a huge believer in zodiac signs but I've always been fascinated with how elements define traits of the zodiac -- e.g. the fire signs are passionate, the earth signs are grounded, etc. I'm not an expert on this at all but I find it odd, because although I'm a Virgo -- an "earth" sign -- I've always loved being in or near the sea.

Tali, 2008, with rum coke, wearing a People are People halter
The sea, and not freshwater, mind! Although I've come across creepy creatures in my swims -- the worst probably being banded sea snakes (for some reason quite common in Batangas beaches:I've seen them in Tali and Calatagan) -- I have a worse fear of swimming in rivers and lakes. Maybe it's one too many episode of River Monsters, or the knowledge that bull sharks swim up river to breed, or that the water is generally too murky to see anything, or piranhas, or leeches, or...

Well, you get the point. ;-)

Canyon Cove, Easter 2013
And yes, I am quite the geek about the sea. I think I got it from my dad, who was an avid scuba diver, who got it from his dad, who loved to explore the seas. It's something that I think we're passing on to my kids.  

Anyone who's been on a beach trip with me will tell you that I will disappear for stretches at a time, swimming out (to a reasonable depth; I don't want to worry anyone!), floating, immersing in the water. If I don't get to do that -- say if the water's too shallow, or if there's a buoy net strung on the water -- I get really sad. The beach isn't complete for me unless I get to swim out and be alone with the vast ocean for a while. 

Calatagan, 2013
Wading is fun, but just won't cut it!

Lemery, 2008; sweater by SM Department Store
I know the sea is never the friendliest of places. In 2008 I was trapped in an island diver's resort in Lemery, Batangas, with my family, during Typhoon Frank. Though the place was quite high from the water, waves crashed all the way into our rooms. My husband and I also experienced getting slammed against the rocks when we went to sit by a cliff. It was the first time I truly appreciated the meaning of a tempest and I never forgot it.

(That typhoon also claimed the life of a friend, who was out mountain-climbing.)

Bohol, 2010
But when the sea is calm and still there is nothing quite so peaceful and beautiful. I can imagine what sailors describe as the lure of the sea -- why Homer could conceive of sirens, why pirates prefer to be on water than land. It really is tempting, inviting, beguiling.
Beach soccer at Calatagan, 2013
Of course, there are plenty of  cool things to do off the water, too. I've only recently discovered the fun of  beach soccer! Extremely tiring, yes, but fun!

Calatagan, 2010: tiangge top, Mossimo shades, Speedo shorts and Ipanema slippers
And there are all these little rocky nooks and crannies where one can pretend to be some sort of sea nymph and go crazy with the camera.

Yep it's incredibly hot, but I'm loving my summer, and I loooove the sea. What about you? Are you making the most out of the sunshine before rainy season comes?


Lauren said...

Looks like you had such a great time! Cute beach outfit - wish I were there! LOL xo

Katrina said...

Thanks Lauren!!


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