Monday, June 10, 2013

Captain my captain

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I'm feeling sort of nautical lately. There's just something about that clean red, white and blue palette and preference for stripes that feels so classic and refreshing. I wish I had some of these Pearl Harbor-esque takes from ModCloth; unfortunately I just had to make do with what's handy in my mess of a closet...

Yep, these pictures were taken during my "blonde" phase, when all the purple leached out of my bleached head, leaving me with this ultra-light shade. Now you know why I've been obsessed with coloring my hair!

So anyway: back to my nautical theme. My real inspiration here was The Captain from How I Met Your Mother! I got my super old and now too-tight-to-close striped blazer from Rustan's and paired it with a white collared top (Old Navy by way of SM Surplus Shop), red trousers (Market Market) and nude brogues (Forever 21).
Plus a colorful bead necklace (my lola's) and a gold cuff (F21) for some sparkle.

All I'm missing is a yacht!

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