Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Style crush: Justine Frischmann

Style in Real Life has already covered this, but I gotta second you, Jen: Justine Frischmann and Elastica were/is/still are THE SHIT.

 Picture this: It's 1995, and apart from NU107, which you (that is to say 'me') desperately cling to as the source of all things cool, you know nothing, Jon Snow. You save your allowance to buy Spin magazine from Buffini and you read an article about this new band, called Elastica. To this day, you can still remember how the writer described them from the raft of 'new wave of new wave' Brit pop bands: "Like a shooting star stuck in a can of refried beans."

Curious, you dash to Odyssey and get a cassette of their first album, which you will still keep with you, nearly 15 years later. It's a classic. You love the single, Connection. You love the ode to sexual impotence, Stutter. Most of all, you love the ode to automobile sex, Car Song, the video of which is Elastica at their showbiz-iest -- decked out in mod space police outfits, wandering Tokyo chasing after a ghost.

In the days before Google you kept your eyes peeled for Elastica news by getting all excited with MTV's 30-second spots. In the absence of that, you re-read that Spin article and got more and more fascinated by Justine Frischmann.
She wasn't extremely pretty - in the band it was the doll-like guitarist Donna Matthews who was the classic cute rock chick -- but Justine had something extra. She was smart, and cool, and confident without overtrying. Cutting her teeth in the band Suede and being the girlfriend of both Suede's Brett Anderson and Pulp's Damon Albarn, she lived the alterna-chick's BOP dream and decided she didn't care much for it. She made big statements, such as in support of short songs (long guitar solos were overindulgent macho things, which wasn't what Elastica was about) and, as evidenced by Car Song and Stutter, she was confident sexually in a way that was refreshing to read as a young proto-feminist in the 90s.

To really get Justine's allure, you had to watch her in motion.

The girl really had that special "IT" factor; and damned if she didn't make a simple black button down and generic 90s hair the height of cool.

So what's going on with Justine Frischmann now? Girl of A Certain Age brings us up to speed:
...Justine just up and decided to leave London, taking up residence at the tiny, Buddhist-leaning Naropa Institute in Colorado. After completing her studies, she moved to the Bay Area, where she met and married her husband, a professor of  atmospheric science at UC Davis. Now she’s a painter.
TL:DR:: Still freaking cool. Style crush forever!


impossible girl said...

Yes, I love them. I love the music, I love the all black tomboy looks. YM (as in Young & Modern magazine, hehe) did a feature on Justine and Damon Albarn being the King and Queen of alternative music. I didn't know they were dating at that time so my whole world exploded. LOL!

I love this post!

Katrina said...


IppyEvie said...

Please correction : Damon Albarn is from Blur, not Pulp. That's Jarvis Cocker.

Katrina said...

It's "Please correct." :D


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