Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ikat muumuu


Here we go.

I'm back!

OK. Yeah. I know. Not posting regularly. 

Look, I can be honest with you, right? I feel like I can. I mean, I've been putting out a lot of personal stuff here, right? So I think I can be straight with you all.

The thing is I'm kind of going through a weird phase right now, where I'm not feeling so hot. I don't feel like dressing up. When I do have to get dressed, I feel bogged down and blah. It's like I'm back to my pre-fasyon awakening days, where I would spend my time in black-blue-brown-gray-navy and felt as imaginative as I dressed. I don't know exactly why this is happening, but it's been coming on, in increments, since the start of the year. There are days when I wake up and that old excitement is back, but most of the time, it's...this. Maybe it's been all the changes in my life lately, or busy-ness with the book, or the post-breastfeeding weight gain (yeah yeah I know, love your body, yeah, but I'm not exactly thrilled that my things are starting to tighten and constrict my movement again), or other personal issues, but...there you have it.

And since I've not been tip-top lately, may I offer you a mild throwback? It's an outdoor post featuring a hard-to-pull off neon muumuu tank. Yes, I did not know such a thing could exist, but my intrepid sister unearthed one for me from Magarbo. Ready to see it? OK!

So it's cute, right? I wore it with my Zara skinny jeans to balance the volume and neon flats from Zalora. Ethnic-y jewelry like the Chatuchak leaf necklace from Ava and friendship bracelets echo the ikat theme.

I look at these pics and remember how I enjoyed thinking up this outfit. Here's to getting over this weirdness now!


Kristine Albano said...

I love ze shoes.... And nice putting up this ensemble... Anyway, i don't know how post-partum days go coz i havent been preggy... But i know how it feels when all of ur favorite pieces are starting to tighten than usual... But you can always be fashionable with loose pieces like this muumuu right? I bet you will still look fab girl!!! :-) fashion is sizeless, eh?

Katrina said...

thank you Kristine!! Yeah I guess I just need to rethink how I wear certain items :)


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