Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pink shoes

Since we're all about the books lately, let's talk about Pink Shoes.

Pink Shoes was the first contemporary romance I wrote. It was published in June 2006 -- yep, seven years ago! The book centered on  three friends who each buy a pair of magical pink ballet flats, which instigate love and career changes in their lives.

(It's a good story! You can still get it at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked, but be patient searching for them -- sometimes stocks aren't properly replenished.)

The funny thing is that people kept asking me how many pink shoes I owned, and the truth is that till last month, I had exactly zero pairs! All that changed when SM Department Store started selling these Solemate flats, buy one take one for P350, and I just had to have this hot pink pair.

So how does one wear pink shoes?

You gotta toughen it up a bit! I paired mine with my grunge/lumberjack plaid shirt (Wrangler, wrangled from my husband's baul) and this Peacock's pencil skirt.  

And since we're talking about books, you can get a paperback version of Well Played! It's not available at bookstores (we're indie-published), so here's how

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