Friday, July 19, 2013


Here's another throwback from February, when we were at Corporate Defcon 1. I had my pearls, I had my pink cardi, I just needed something to personalize it a bit before it veered too much into Stepford Wife territory.

Easily accomplished with a statement necklace (Zalora), gray stockings (Saizen) and high-heeled brogues (Peacocks London; I call them my ladyguard shoes).

Also wearing: Landmark cardi from the '90s (pamana ni Mother), Peacock's pencil skirt, and Uniqlo maroon blouse, which is actually for working out!!


Kristine Albano said...

Love!!! Love!!! Love ur outfit!!! So corporate and so fab! :-)


Katrina said...

Thanks Kristine!

Tsephe Letseka said...

Love this look!! Corporate but laid back at the same time!! Fabulous!!


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