Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hankering, 32 flavors edition

My birthday's coming up in less than a month; thought I'd send my wishlist out to the Universe and see what'll happen :)


Missoni skater skirt, 34,865 PHP / Blue cap sleeve dress, 5,840 PHP / Shirt top, 1,360 PHP / Mango navy jacket, 1,165 PHP / Plus size jean shorts, 1,325 PHP / Superga lace shoes, 2,870 PHP / Superga shoes, 2,750 PHP / Laced up boots, 1,150 PHP

Basically, I'm dying for Superga sneakers, a loose white button-down, easy cotton A-line dresses, a casual blazer, denim shorts THAT FIT and refined combat boots.

Anything I'm missing? :)

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