Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Striped skirt, take two

I've told you about this coral-and-navy striped skirt my sister got me from Old Navy. Since it's quite striking I styled it with a simple pale yellow sheer top the first time. Here's attempt no. 2.
I know, I know -- I look odd here. That's what you get for shooting first thing in the AM without make-up! Will put my face on for the next pics, I promise!

Confession time again: Although I love snug pencil skirts for their proportion and schmexy-giving properties, my big concern with pencil skirts is the inevitable puson explosion. It's hard to choose sometimes -- go empire-waist + A-line to be comfy and let the tummy breathe, but look kind of blah; or wear these figure-highlighting skirts and deal with how to cover that jutting lower belly?

 My solution is a well-deployed vest. It keeps the figure hugging line going and covers the puson without adding unnecessary bulk. Now if only I can figure out how to commute without sweating buckets when layering like this, we'd be in business.

Wearing: Magarbo vest, tiangge top, Old Navy skirt and Australian flats.


impossible girl said...

Love that skirt!

Tsephe Letseka said...

You're really rocking that striped skirt. And you still great even without make up!

I know you're probably getting tired of it, lol. But again, wow, those calves!! :)

Katrina said...

hahaha thanks you two


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