Monday, September 30, 2013

80s, and a realization

First: the outfit!
 As I mention here, commuting to my new workplace has been a pain. One thing is that I've been wearing pants more often for practicality AND comfort. But it's too easy for pants to be boring. These pleated carrot trousers can also easily become matronic.

So to avoid that, I channeled the classic 80s silhouette: square-cut top with pleated baston bottom. The proportion solution to the dreaded Mom Jeans. (Also: high heels help, A LOT. But I did not commute in them!)

Wearing: Magarbo lace shirt, Terranova pants, SM belt, Nava heels, F21 necklace, tiangge bangle.

And now for the realization.

The last few months have been stressful-exciting for me, what with the new job and publishing a book and getting a puppy and what have you. And I realize that I've been treating this blog as yet another thing to stress over. Something to update. A chore. But today, as I was contemplating whether to batch upload five posts and schedule them to publish in the next weeks, and groaning at the work that would entail, I thought: hold up. When I started this blog, it wasn't work. I enjoyed it! It was fun! I'd get fired up thinking of what to wear and how to photograph it. It was an outlet, a much needed break -- my own corner for feeling glam and cool and fasyon despite the stress of work and commuting and finances.

Where did that feeling go? Why'd the joy get sucked out of it? Well, it's my fault, really. It's all a matter of perspective, and I let my perspective on this blog change. I let it get tainted.

But no more. I'm going to see things with fresh eyes again. I'm going to rediscover the joy of dressing, for myself, and only me. I'm going to update this blog not with a sense of duty, but a sense of fun. So I may not update as often as I did in the early days, but golly, when I do update, it's because I'm excited to have something to share. You can count on that!


lornadahl said...

Love the pants! Ang kikay ng color and texture!

I agree with your realization. I hardly get to update mine as much as I'd like to, but it's better than way. Mahirap yung pilit ang entries eh, diba? Apir!

Katrina said...

kurakkk!!! *high five*


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