Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dinner Pahtay with Daughtah

Our family likes to get together for weekend dinner parties. It sounds fancy but usually we bring pot luck food and hand around a long table in my aunt's garden. It's low-key and casual and one is tempted to just t-shirt-and-shorts-it, but I know that if I do that too often I'll lose the gana to dress up. (Back to old thinking: there's no special one's going to see me...katamad to dress...etc.)

So this is the next best casual but not sloppy outfit I put together.

It's based on a black cotton shift from Surplus Shop -- frightfully short, I know, since I had this when I was in college. I added a vintage short sleeved tee from my Mom and a bib necklace from Punk Kikay. My studded flats are from Landmark (Australian). Daughter dear is wearing a Cherokee top, pink shorts from SM and Fisher Price sandals. I know, I know, she's faaaar more fashionable than I am! Ako ang stylist e!

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