Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Win the Well Played shirt (and more!)

Remember this shirt?

A bunch of you expressed interest in purchasing said shirt, featuring my book cover logo designed by the awesome Karl Domingo. Well the good news is that you can win it -- FOR FREE!

If you join the All is Fair in Blog & War + Well Played Blog Tour giveaway, you can win the gray version of this shirt (size M) plus other freebies -- all details are in that link. Think paperback books, planners, bookmarks and other stuff! Just start clicking on the Rafflecopter links to get a chance to win only one of four shirts of this kind EVER MADE. And read the blog tour entries for both Chrissie Peria's All is Fair in Blog & War and my Well Played na din. Contest is open until September 7. Go go go!

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