Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Easy pieces

My new formula for dressing takes into consideration the heat, my commute, comfort, and most importantly, the fasyon!

Here's a quick example.

While baby dolls and A-lines are comfy, nothing does a plus size figure good as a pencil skirt. But while it enhances the curves I like, it also shines a light on those that are a bit more, hm, problematic. Like a bountiful belly!

A cover-up streamlines everything while keeping the curves on display. In the past I would've used a cardigan or a lined blazer as a cover; now a lightweight man's shirtsleeves does the same trick for a lot more comfort.

And of course, flats for all that walking!

Wearing: St. Michael's shirtsleeves (from the 80s), tank top from SM Department Store, Due by Rhett Eala skirt.

Now let's look at the accessories:
My yellow cross body bag from All About Good Stuff does a great job of fashionably carrying all of my kalat; a geometric necklace from Zalora adds interest; and a good arm party brings the fun! (L-R: bracelets from The Bead Shop, LB Shapers, H&M and Envy).

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