Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Special

Most of the time my outfit posts here feature what I wear to work. I thought I'd shake it up a bit and show you how I do it Sunday Style, with bonus peek at my messy closet and my Sunday Face. Ready? Let's do it! Remember to click "read more" to see my weekend make up philosophy.

This is the open closet built along one wall of our bedroom. I'm supposed to share half of it with my husband, but as you can see, I occupy about 9/10ths of it! Heehee! Oh and protip: for my birthday I asked my sister to give me an airtight plastic box and big-ass desiccants from Japan Home. It's where I keep my genuine leather goods. Can't be too careful with our humid weather!
On Sundays my agenda usually includes going to church, then couples Bible study, then grocery, and then dinner with my dad and siblings. So I need something comfy, cool, easy to move around in, and not too overdressed since I'm in and out people's houses. 

Here's a good example: a thin laddered shirt from Forever 21, slim jeans by Buffalo, and my new favorites, Superga Sneakers in prune. The thin scarf I got from the Chinatown market in Singapore and used a.) in lieu of a necklace b.) to add interest to a tee-jeans-sneakers outfit and, most importantly c.) to cover my cleavage and bra straps since this shirt tends to gape at the neckline.

Here's another look at my Supergas and my equally pow-ple obsessed little girl. And as for my Sunday Face, the trick is easy, breathable and sweat-proof. I do a couple of passes of Human Nature foundation under my eyes to hide the dreaded undereye circles, add some Victoria's Secret Cheek Tint to add color to my cheeks, and Human Nature's Flame Tree colored lip balm is enough to add a nice hint of lip color.

Et voila! That's my Sunday routine. How about you guys? What's your weekend fasyon like? Do share!

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