Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I keep coming back to Magarbo

What the what?! A shopping post? And about everyone's favorite thrift shop, Magarbo

Why yes, it's true! 

I can't tell you how many people emailed me and commented here when Magarbo closed its Madrigal store (beside Alabang Town Center). After a couple of months my sister (Magarbo's  biggest fan) told me that they opened a store in Westgate, Filivest. I finally got to check it out last October when we took my mom out on a birthday date :).
Korean because my mom's obsessed with Koreanovelas and KBS World on Cable (and yeah, yeah, she's gorgeous and looks 33, not 53!)
Me, mom and my sister and our #instagramcliche Starbucks collage (All pics from my Instagram)
Let me show you what I got from Magarbo. 

This heather gray Karen Scott sweater with faux layering effect.

This Comme des Garcons PLAY t-shirt, which is actually size Medium and I haven't actually tried on yet, but come on! You see CDG in a thirft shop, you grab it and buy!

This Banana Republic knit top is a current favorite of mine -- it's a very thin, very slinky, very slouchy knit that's stylish without trying too hard. Lovely seafoam green color too!

Finally, a navy blue sweater from The Gap. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this at first because it seemed so dull; but it's actually an interesting cut, like the shoulder seams are low, almost like T-shirt sleeves, and the neckline is scooped, so it actually has that slouchy/stylish thing I love.

Now let's do something fun! Guess how much I paid for all four shirts. Come on, guess! Tops from Banana Republic, Karen Scott, Comme des Garcons and The Gap...hmm....


Two hundred pesos. Php200. TWO HUNDRED PESOS. Not two hundred pesos each, mind you, but two hundred pesos for ALL FOUR. Magarbo does these monthly buy-one-take-one for P100 sales and we were lucky enough to stop by at the perfect date!

Panalo diba?! With some patience, archaeological digging skills and the ability to see past through a wrinkly and unstyled mess, you can get some AMAZING deals. This is why I love Magarbo!


Kittykat Miyaw said...

Really 200 pesos? What a steal, I'm also from the south of Metro, madaanan nga ito. Thanks for the heads up!

Katrina said...



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