Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tools of the trade

Day 3 of the Great Health Escape and I thought I'd share some of the tools I've been using to get on track.

These two have always been major obstacles for me:
TIME. Erratic work schedule + a horrible commute + no yaya or helper = hard to schedule exercise or spend so much time buying and preparing healthy meals (it's hard to resist fast food when it's 10pm and your baon's run out and you're still in the office.)
BOREDOM. (In Kourtney Kardashian's voice:) Not to brag? But I was, like, a cheerleader? In highschool? So I memorize exercise routines reaaallly quickly. So routine gets me bored easily, which is why I prefer sports, which brings us back to issue number 1, TIME.

But I am a professional organizer of things, paid to make things conflicting things work for conflicting people, so I just realized I need to apply my work skills to my health goals. And one of those classic skills? Is to use the tools available. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Like these!

1. To help me with the boredom thing, I downloaded the awesome Skimble workout app to my phone.

It's got literally hundreds of workouts for anything you want to do: yoga? cross fit? strength training? I do different workouts each day, and since they're a minimum of 15-30 minutes long, it's easy to fit them into my morning rush.

2. To keep me eating mindfully and on track, I also have myFitnessPal

It basically a calorie counter and I love how it has so much Filipino food on it! There's also the option to create your own recipes and know the calorie values for that - perfect for home-cooked meals. 

Both myFitnessPal and Skimble are free!

3. The Meal Plan of Domination
Before I'd just think, oh, each meal should have complex carbs, fruit or veg, some healthy fat and lean protein, but when it was time to cook all that would fly out the window. So I sat down and thought of the stuff I like to eat and is easy to cook and plotted it down this spreadsheet and posted it on my fridge. That way all it takes is one glance and I know what to cook!

It also has my grocery list at the bottom and how often I should shop for those foods.

4. Some support
 Literally! Being boobacious means I need extra support when exercising, but the Nikes I love are so freaking expensive. These are from Body Music at Robinson's Department Store and only P299. I got it a size small (L instead of XL) 

Share! What are your healthy tips and tricks?

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