Saturday, December 14, 2013

Health post: Month 1 report

Well whaddayaknow! It's been a month since the Great Health Escape and I am hanging in there!

Already I've been noticing some progress. (I haven't been weighing myself because for some reason, personally, the scale is the surefire way for me to fail. Proven na yan. Either I see I've lost weight and slack off, or I see that I haven't and get discouraged. So no weighing scales for me!) BUT! I can fit into these red jeans again. They're a bit snug but at least I can button them again. More outfit options for me!

Also, although you can't see my body, my face is a little smaller in these pictures, taken last week.
Anyhoo, some more progress updates:

- Most surprising for me? I've actually been able to stick with the exercise four times a week resolution. I am really starting to feel the difference when I start my day with a little exertion. And I now know that even if I'm super groggy first thing in the morning, I just need to drink a little juice and "warm up" a bit (like pray, read the Bible, lie around a bit) and then I'm ready to go.

- It's been harder to do my menus, though. At week four I've done all my new recipes a couple of times already and I'm starting to run out of ideas. Sawa is also starting to set in. Plus there's also the matter of, erm, expense. I've been over budget these past couple of grocery runs, and I don't know if it's just coincidence but I think where I'm really tripping up on ensuring that each meal has lean protein in it. Fish is expensive and lean pork / beef also costs more for less. Nevertheless I am hanging in there and researching on cheaper yet healthy things I can make. (Any recipes you can send my way will also be appreciated!)

- Another challenge? I got my period about a week early, so I was sluggish all that week, and right after that, guess what? I got sick! I'm actually still fighting off this monstrous cold. I think these two factors have dampened my enthusiasm a bit for menu planning, and not gonna lie, made exercising a tiny bit harder too.

But here's to keeping on and being on an even keel and avoiding imbalance. Here's to health!


lornadahl said...

Bravo! Hey, have I forwarded the green smoothie recipes? That could help para di ka magsawa. :)

Sorry to hear that you got sick. I do oil pulling para tumaas ang resistensya ko. Basically, you need to swish a tablespoon of cold-pressed VCO in your mouth for 15-20 minutes when you wake up (no need to mumog) then spit it out. Pero don't spit it out sa plants kasi super toxic non, they'll die. Ms. Gina Lopez does that twice a day.

Katrina said...

uy I heard about that oil pulling din. does it taste weird? baka masuka ako pag umaga hahaha!

lornadahl said...

Sa umpisa siguro, masusuka ka. Pero masasanay ka rin. I-try mo na. :)


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