Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hankering: Ankle boots

I have a couple of officemates who rock flat ankle boots with almost any outfit, and being the inggitera easily inspired fashion person that I am, I've been looking for the perfect ankle boots ever since. There are some affordable options at Landmark, but the soles are a bit too thin, and some of them have that ruched / wrinkled effect that makes one look like they have major cankles. I also checked Twinky and So Fab, but aside from the cankle things they like to pack their boots with chains and buckles and all sorts of annoying things. I did see an awesome pair at Forever 21 that I am thinking if I should get: tapered by the ankle, a bit of a stacked heel so that it works with skirts AND pants yet remains walkable, no chains or buckles.

What's a girl to do when she's fashion-frustrated? Why, head on to Polyvore and pretend-shop for the perfect ankle boots. Le sigh.

ankle boots

Rag & Bone ankle boots
28,645 PHP -

Unützer beatle boots
27,300 PHP -

Beatle boots
1,325 PHP -

Elizabeth and James ankle boots
9,470 PHP -

H&M ankle boots
2,575 PHP -

Jack Wills ankle boots
6,655 PHP -

TOMS wedge booties
3,750 PHP -

Mango ankle boots
2,210 PHP -

Snake boots
10,310 PHP -


impossible girl said...

Haha...I'm obsessed with boots of any kind (except those that are tassled -eek!) and almost always in flat ankle boots - paired with my favorite pencil skirt :P. Love your picks here especially the pairs from New Look and Mango.

Katrina said...

Jen, any cheap reccos? You have great taste in boots!

impossible girl said...

Hey Iggy! I like Zara's - not super cheap but still affordable especially their TRF line. :)


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