Monday, February 24, 2014

Graphic sweatshirt

The graphic sweatshirt was all the rage the last couple of years because designers like Balmain made ultra-luxe versions of it. I love the look, personally, and of all the recent sportswear-inspired trends a nice funky sweatshirt is the easiest to pull off.

(Side note: Man, New York Fashion Week has just ended but I haven't even seen any of the collections or the reviews or even the kooky street style galleries! Work has been kicking my ass. But as Olaf the Snowman who likes warm hugs says, "All good things, all good things." No complaints :-))

This sweatshirt is aces. The fit is just right, and that flying guitar print is the bomb.

The best part? It's my son's! Yep, to his endless annoyance, his mom 'borrows' this shirt on the regular. (It's too cute yet he doesn't want to give in and just give it to me hahaha).

For work, pairing the graphic sweatshirt (Top Heavy, size M in the teen boys section) with a pencil skirt (Forever 21) is great. An elephant necklace (Forever 21), teal flats (SM Dept. Store) seal and bag (MBK, Bangkok) my deal, but you could probably push this look a bit more with ankle booties.

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