Sunday, February 9, 2014

Health Post: T-shirt test

So in my last Health Post I talked about how to measure progress without triggering unhealthy obsessions with weight and the scale: I wanted my focus to be on overall well-being, and not how heavy I am. Though it's been hard to make the distinction, I take it a day at a time. But sometimes one way to measure is to trust your eyes. ;-)

One of the ways I know I'm in the "happy threshold" is how my clothes fit. Behold: the Well Played T-Shirt Test!

Last time I wore the Well Played T-Shirt was in September 2013, at the Eureka Seminar in UPLB where I talked about writing and creativity.

And this is from last Friday, when I went to watch my football team play at a tournament:

The biggest difference? I can tuck my shirt in, yay! I know it's not a huge deal and I'm pretty chubby, still, (not that I'm not OK with that), but this is a huge development for me. I love wearing contrasting belts kasi, haha.

It's been an effort to keep up with my health resolution, and since I don't want to do it the wrong way (and because weight loss is NOT the goal), I haven't seen much physical progress in the traditional sense. But inside I know this has been the right thing to do, and it motivates me to keep on going -- especially those pesky times of the month when I'm the laziest!

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