Saturday, March 22, 2014

A case for leopard

I love this outfit but I think I'm missing something. Like a fabulous leopard bag, like this one from Mango, to complete the ensemble?

I don't know, suddenly I can't quite get over leopard. Last night I saw Cherie Gil play Diana Vreeland in Full Gallop and you all know how lola Diana loved her animal print. Hmm. These leopard kitten heels from Zalora are a nice touch.


As you know I wear this tan and black dress a lot on those days when I don't want to think but want to look well-put together. Usually it's just this dress and flats and out I go.

But the day I wore this I also had a meeting with a rather impressive Someone, so  to look professional I wanted to have like a blazer-like something but not an actual blazer because somehow I thought that would look a little too obviously Power Dressing, you know? (Also blazers are hella hot since summer's upon us! Also hence the shades.) So I added this slouchy gray cardigan I got from the SM Surplus Shop. Worked nicely!

Also wearing: Aksesorya pendant, Australia flats (Landmark)

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