Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Health post: Eating right (and sharing it)

I've been posting what I've been preparing for baon on Instagram...wala lang, just being social and because I'm excited to try out the recipes I found in the Yummy PH Healthy cookbook (this cookbook by the way is so worth it! Had to hunt for it at a number of bookstores before finally finding it.) My phone does not have the nicest camera and I also take crap pics but these healthy food posts have been getting seen --- so that I've stopped sharing them on Facebook. Hehe. For some reason I get kind of irked when I get "uy! nagda-diet!" or "maganda yan, healthy living!" comments even if they're totally innocent. I mean, there's nothing wrong with being recognized for cooking healthy, except the comments make it seem like it's so ~*exceptional*~ you know? As though I eat crap all the time and this is a HUUUGE change.
Blurry pic of last week's baon: shrimp stir-fried in garlic and olive oil, steamed veggies
(broccoli, carrot, young corn and sweet peas) over brown rice. (Ganda ng quality ng camphone no? bleeh)

The truth is that I've been preparing healthy baon for since, oh, 2004 or so when I was on the South Beach diet. And since then, although I've eased out of the super-strict no-carb lifestyle, I've more or less made healthy meals for myself daily. It's just that my lunch baon is the one meal that I can fully control -- I don't have to hurry to leave the house, I don't have to make sure hubs and the kids like it, and I don't have to pick out the least fattening item at a restaurant or on a family buffet -- so this is just how I've tried to eat something good at least once a day.

Also I don't eat that crappy, in the sense of fastfood, chips and soda, which I very seldom eat. No, my weakness is real food! Saucy pastas, a simple meal like tuyo over steaming rice and garlic vinegar -- those are my treats!

Prepping the smoke mix for tea-smoked chicken breast: some bigas, a packet of tea and some sugar.
You spread this mixture on the foil-wrapped bottom of a pan and then you smoke the chicken breast on
a rack on top of it. It's really good and so easy to do!
Here I posted about how I was following the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule for eating healthy. Jillian Michaels breaks it down as eating well 80% of the time and letting yourself eat whatever you like for the remaining 20%. So if you eat four meals a day each week including snacks (that's 28 meals), you can eat whatever for five to six of those meals. But honestly, I'm probably doing 60/40 right now -- and even less when I'm PMSing. I know I should work better at this, but sometimes, when I'm stressed, the last thing I want to do is restrict what I want to eat.

Quick salad for merienda using the stuff in my vegetable drawer: yellow sweet potato (camote!), celery and celery leaves,
a handful of coriander and spring onions. Topped with my coconut milk dressing and I'm good!
But I really do need to start nudging the needle toward the right direction -- more complex carbs, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins -- not just for my health but because I really do feel a boost of energy and concentration when I eat better! Fitness, not thinness. :)

Anyway, whatevs. I'll continue posting stuff on Instagram. Recipe exchange? :)


bluearden said...

Please post more healthy recipes! I'm so hopeless when it comes to preparing meals.

Katrina said...

If you can get the Yummy Healhy cookbook, gofurett! So many cool ideas.

Me when I'm tamad my formula is complex carb + veg + lean meat. So usuallu brown rice, steamed veggies or fresh salad with vinaigrette, and something like baked lean porkchops or stir-fried shrimp or grilled chicken. Dinadaan ko nalang sa marinade para malasa hehe :D


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