Saturday, March 29, 2014

Summer on my mind

Lawd, what a hot day! I'm sure if you check back on me in three weeks or so I'll be (doing whatever snow does in summmerrrr) but as of now this weather is exciting! I'm thinking of swimming and lazing about on the beach and giving my "resort wear" a whirl. Shhh..I've even been shopping!

Loved these colorful, satin-y shorts from Gingersnaps! Yeah yeah I know they're for pregnant ladies but seriously, Gingersnaps makes super stylish clothes, preggy or not. Even the kids' clothes are too cool -- my sister and I were saying they were like mini-Coachella costumes!

These shorts are such a revelation since shorts are the hardest clothing items for me to fit and buy, for some reason! So kebs na ako to vanity and yes to pretty, affordable and comfy Gingersnaps shorts!

(Shorts worn with lightweight tee from The Gap and leather slippers from Greece. Shades from Mossimo.)

Check out more of my summer buys after the link:

Human Nature finally came out with sun block! I've been a longtime huge fan of their all-natural, sustainable products and the social enterprise goodness angle also makes me feel awesome for supporting their business. When they announced that they were coming out with Safe Block, 100% natural broad spectrum  reef-friendly family sunscreen I ordered immediately. Can't wait to test this at the beach!

And speaking for the beach! I thought it was time to update my swimsuit repertoire...

You've already seen this Coco Cabana swimsuit set which I got from SM Department Store. That bikini top is uber flattering to my mommy jugs. Hehe.

But I also ordered a little something from Zalora...

The Havana ruched high waist bikini bottom by Anemone. Anemone is Nothing but H20's house brand and when I fit this bikini bottom at their store in ATC I just had to have it. Thankfully Zalora had it in stock online as well!  

Ahh summer...can't wait to hit the water. What are your summer must-haves?

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