Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boracay 2014: Airport to beach in one outfit

I hadn't been to Boracay in seven years, so when my friends started planning for an epic comeback this summer, I jumped at the chance. I'd been super stressed at work and a bit at home, so a few days with my silliest buds with the sun, sand and sea by my front door was a welcome break!

The beachfront of Ambassador in Paradise, where two of my friends stayed. Lovvvely place!
Boracay is still beautiful and a lot has improved. I'm pleased to see that the structures that used to jut out to the water (ehem ehem Jonah's Shakes) have now moved back to give the beach some breathing space. That weird culvert thing before Willy's Rock where suspicious water (I hope that was only water) flowed out to the sea is gone now too. Since my friends and I are no longer the lean and hungry twentysomethings who got the cheapest aircon room we could find and partied all nigt long anyway, we could afford to stay at Station 1 and all its creature comforts. Prices are also standardized among tour operators, tricycle drivers and activities. It's not the sweetly laidback place I first set eyes on in 1998 (and I'm sure the ones who'd stayed before then have more to lament), but it's still gorgeous, and leaving is always hard.

But anyway! On to what I wore: traveling edition.

All packed and ready to go with Elise saying bye to Momma. Wearing thin yellow top from Shopwise, SM Surplus Shop tank top, Gingersnaps shorts, slippers from Greece (pasalubong from a friend).
We decided to take the earliest flights we could find to maximize our three days / two nights schedule. I had a 4AM flight so I was out the house by 1.30AM. I decided to layer my beach look to be comfy in the plane and in the dawn chill, and be ready to rock once I got on the island. (Click read more to see the rest of this post!)

Touchdown at Boracay, all 10 of us!
 After leaving our bags at the hotel front desk for safekeeping, I quickly changed to a spaghetti-strap top to start working on my tan. I was supposed to use the white tank under my yellow top but discovered a stain! Buti nalang I brought this old favorite Terra Nova top.
Terra Nova top, Gingersnaps shorts, Mossimo sunnies and capiz pendant necklace from Aksesorya.
I love how versatile these Gingersnaps shorts are! The shiny fabric makes it dressy than a denim pair. I was initially concerned about how colorful the print was, but so far I've been able to match it with orange, yellow, pink, blue and white tops and it works great!

(TIP for matching colorful prints: Pick one color from the many to complement your outfit.)

Tonette got the earliest check in and was able to change into her swimsuit!
My polka-dot travel bag is actually a knockoff Cath Kidston from Magarbo (#noshame!). I've had it for quite a bit and almost forgot about it until I was hunting for a good crossbody bag to wear for traveling. It was perfect, and that coated plastic material made it nearly waterproof.

NEXT up on my Boracay style diary: plus size, mom-friendly yet Boracay appropriate swimwear. Are you ready?? DUN DUN DUN!!

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