Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boracay 2014: Beach beauty

Bare faced is best under the sun!
At the beach I like to keep my beauty routine simple. Partly due to the heat and all the activities and also because I don't like checking in my bag when I travel so I keep my toiletries to the minimum. The barest make up - cream blush, tinted lip balm and eyeliner usually do it - will do for me. No powders or foundations. Save the space for good quality sun protection and, if you're on the quest for a tan like me, tanning oil.

I'm using Human Nature tinted lip balm, Victoria's Secret cheek tint and borrowed Karen's Urban Decay eyeliner for a night out.
Pro-tip: for a glowing tan, I learned this from a friend on our 2010 Bohol trip: use SPF 30 sunblock for protection from burn, let that absorb, and then top that off with tanning oil. I get a golden, even tan without pain -- and not the ashy sad burn when I don't reapply sunblock!

Click read more for beachy waves!

A happy accident was how great my hair turned out at the beach. I mean, people pay good money for products that turn hair like this!

All I needed to do to achieve that look...was this:

Swim in the saltwater and walk around to air dry, and let my natural waves work for me.

OK, here's a secret: for evening out I worked a little mousse into wet hair that's been shampooed (with mild shampoo) and conditioned, and then I let it air dry too. I  think the saltwater residue is the secret for awesome waves, which is why Bumble & Bumble sell saltwater sprays!

And that concludes my Boracay diaries. Siiigh. So purdy! When can I come back?? Hope you have cool summer vacations too!

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