Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boracay 2014: Chubby swimwear pt. 2

On day 2 I was supposed to try the Beach Yoga near Bamboo Lounge.

As you may have guessed, I didn't wake up in time for it! And I was so ready -- I had on my sturdier bra top from Body Music and Express shorts (over my old favorite Speedo boy leg bottoms). In a pinch this gym bra top does well as a swimsuit top, especially if you're a heavy girl like me keen to do have some active fun.
So much NOMZ
Instead of active fun like island hopping or ATV or snorkeling and instead of doing yoga, and while most of the island went nuts for Pacquiao, we had a grand seafood feast at D' Talipapa. IT WAS AWESOME. #noregrets

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Moi, Karl and I taking in, ahem, all the sights. Yummy belly from that seafood feast!
We were so stuffed we decided to walk all the way from station 3 to station 1...

A better look at my sporty swimsuit look :D
Just in time for sundowners at Sur. (The best happy hour ever! But I already told you that. ;-))

Covered up with my red laddered top from Forever 21 for beach frisbee. Which quickly gave way to more mai tais and mojitos. :D

You can't leave Boracay without a jump shot!
Sunset happies! I think the hardest thing to leave behind in Boracay this time around is just the ability to chill in front of the beautiful wide-open ocean and be a kid again.

Sigh. Let's go back!!!

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Tania Arpa said...

That's a nice suit! I want it in purple :D


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