Saturday, April 19, 2014

Boracay 2014: Chubby swimwear

The view from the top floor of our Boracay home away from home, Sur.
I have to admit that I'm in two minds about baring it on the beach. On one hand, I feel "My tummy's sticking out? Deal with it. It's hot and I want a tan, so you'll just have to look away if that offends you!."

On the other, well, it's hard to not be a tiny bit jealous of all those gorgeous bikini beauties and wish that I, too, could hang out all day with a few bits of fabric and a prayer and be done with it.

But then again, as it seems to be the case with me, it takes effort to be effortless. When one is in Boracay where inhibitions are low and the bods are beautiful, schlepping in a half-assed cover-up or tank+shorts is just so not fab. So here's what worked for me.

I may not be able to go the barely there route, so I opted for the Full Diva: a full, hot pink floral caftan with blingy sparkly beads (a Magarbo find) that made me feel like one of Diana Vreeland's fabulous socialite friends. Haha! I got my share of looks for this get up, but keber! I felt like a million bucks!

Click read more to see what's under the caftan as well as my other swimsuit looks.

But first...that caftan's so fab..

Even Karl had to give it a go! (And making it work if I may add.)

Anyway, on to what I wore underneath!
Taken at Ambassador in Paradise's beach front, where we had cocktails while visiting Tonette and Jaret.
I paired my Coco Cabana bikini top, which had molded cups to uplift the girls, with a high waist ruched swimsuit bottom from Anemone. High waisted swimsuit bottoms are a godsend for those of us with heavy thighs and tummies! I can wear a two-piece and not feel so...overspilling :D

late afternoon drinks at Sur, which has the best happy hour!!
The frozen margarita and Cuba Libre at Ambassador was OK too. :)
Stay tuned for Part Two of my Chubby Swimwear post!


Anonymous said...

iggy, you look great! though karl did give you some competition there... :) chiqui

Katrina said...

hahaha thanks chiqui! I know! can't compete with Karl's fierceness ;-)

Anonymous said...

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