Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boracay 2014: Night time looks (Party party!)

For some people, Boracay only comes alive after sunset.
It's the Wednesday after Holy Week and I'm snowed under a ton of work. Best time than any to look back at the Party Island, eh?

Karen and I getting ready for a night out.
I don't really go out much, so when I do get the opportunity to go out and dance, well, you bet I maximize it!

For Boracay it's good to remember that you're on a beach, in an island, and not in BGC. We saw some girls in LBDs and wedges -- walking in the sand must be a bother. I mean to each his own, and for my own I love a nice graphic dress with beachy hair and slippers or sandals!

Click read more for more party pics!

I'm wearing a mullet dress from Zalora.
Karen, Tonette, me and Rose demonstrate: comfy fabrics and cuts, color and print (love Rose's clever peppers) and some key accessories (Tonette's flat gold earrings are super nice) are all you need.

Another Zalora top!
Another option, one that I used on Night 2? Shorts and some sheer action. So comfy!

I love how deadma Karl is with my fashion blog vogueing!
I just threw on my bikini top and cover up shorts from the day before, topped it with a Chloe Edit sheer color block top, added my pendant, eyeliner and gloss and went dancing!

The best thing about being out of your twenties is that you don't really care too much about looking cool anymore!
Off to Epic for an epiiiiiic night! Hello painful knees and lower back, lol -- the best reminder that I'm no longer in my 20s anymore, haha.

Goodnight, Boracay! Till the next party!

Coming up: my last Boracay post (already?!) -- Beach beauty.


Super Bratinella said...

nice outfit, and yeah same here not in my twenties anymore..haha. followed you!!

Katrina said...



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