Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slow and steady

It's been a while since my last Health Post. In between there was Boracay and holy week and food, and a realization:

In the past breaks from routine were the end of my healthy resolutions. All it took was a change in schedule and I would be hopelessly derailed, starting on a cycle of feeling reckless, then guilty, then failing, and then, slowly, starting up a new resolution all over again. This time, I took it easy, I did not guilt trip myself, I enjoyed my vacation and I adjusted my fitness routine to fit my circumstances (like, since it's become so incredibly hot to work out in the morning, I've started working out in the afternoon in the office gym!). Pretty much common sense, but it's amazing how self-sabotaging behavior can overcome common sense!

It's all about changing my lifestyle, making small changes that I can keep in the long run, and treating health as a way of life and not a chore!

That said, there are still struggles. I started this journey way back in October 2013; it's been nearly three quarters of the year since then and no, I haven't lost weight -- in fact, this is probably the first time I embarked on a health routine where weight loss wasn't the primary goal. And while that's in line with this new attitude I'm cultivatiing towards my body, I do admit that it's a perspective shift for me, not to measure success through pounds lost but in that overall hazy catch-all, "well-being."
A tree in Boracay

I have been feeling better, more energetic, and certainly stronger, especially after a workout. And though I have not been losing weight, I am noticing certain firmness in my body, the flabbiness seemingly traveling downward, if there is even such a thing! That's encouragment enough for me to continue on.

Starting this month I'm also embarking on another goal: to up my cardio quotient! I'm not the biggest fan of pure cardio -- treadmills bore me to death and I can't jog for 20 minutes straight -- but it's something I need to work on since I noticed how low my tolerance for football sprints has become since I stopped playing weekly! So now I started on this beginner's cardio training from FitSugar -- and let me tell you I could barely make 20 minutes of this last Monday at the office gym, oh my! But I'm keeping on going, because I'm suspecting better cardio is the missing ingredient in my overall fitness goals.!

So whatever your own fitness goals are, I'm wishing you wellness and patience to keep on this slow and steady marathon, and the realization that it's not a race, it's a way of life!

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