Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do the hustle

I'm so lame that I've only recently seen the Oscar contenders Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. Both movies are similar in that they deal with scam-my, grifter heroes and the ways that pays (and doesn't pay) off.

I liked them both, but if you know anything about me you know that there are movies I watch again and again just for the costume/production design, and for that both these movies were OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams off to the disco in American Hustle
I was inspired by the opulent, in-your-face feminine vintage style presented in both period flicks, but more so by the groovy, sexy, disco glitziness of American Hustle.

A lot of people mentioned Amy Adams' super-plunging wardrobe in this movie, which, let's face it, maybe only .001% of the female population can pull off. But leaving aside all that attention-seeking cleavage, I got a lot of awesome inspiration from her look: giant, romantic, glossy waves, chunky medallion necklaces, Jaclyn Smith sunglasses, killer sandal heels -- wow that scene where she helps Bale to the car and the camera closes in on her heels was magic! -- and figure-skimming wrap dresses in clingy jersey or polyester.

(And you know that wrap dresses are always recommended for plus size women because they give this wonderful hourglass shape and work for all sizes.)

And then there's Jennifer Lawrence, who stole the show as Christian Bale's borderline insane wife Roslyn.

I loved how exagerrated her make up was -- and believe me, this was how my mom would get ready for work in the 80s -- all heightened cheekbones, pink lipstick and emphasized eyes. I loved her gloriously tumbled updo. Most of all, her jewelry! Oh man. Those chunky gold accessories? To die for.

JLaw with Elizabeth Rohm as Jeremy Renner's wife.
There's a way to do 70s disco that makes it look sleazy and old, like you can almost smell the sweat off the polyester; and there's a way to do it that's Vegas mobster flunky glam -- it's not posh, it's rather obnoxiously showy, but it sure as hell looks like a lot of fun. American Hustle nails that aesthetic.

American Hustle

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