Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday best

(WOTTT? A post? Is this real life? Yes, it is. Sorry, though I know you're sick of hearing that. But in any case let's have a fluid agreement that I'll be updating this when I can, OK? Managing expectations and all that. :P)

Sunday, Church Day, Family Day  -- A day I feel so incredibly lazy that all I can usually muster are jeans and maybe a top that doesn't look too casual.

But I'd come off a bluesy week and, well. If there's anything that pulls me out of the blues quicker than deciding to dress up, I don't know what that is yet. Because I decided to put some effort on my Sunday clothes.

And yes, that IS the parking lot of our church.

I know it's not the most earthshaking look and I've been a lot more fasyon before, but it's Sunday, which calls for comfort, and a maxi skirt is the best way you can blend fashion and comfort, to my mind.

Besides, check out my daughter's Angry Birds + purple striped leggings + purple maryjanes combo! Now that's fasyon!

(Wearing: Topsop top, Aksesorya necklace, modista-made chiffon skirt, SM Department Store flats, random tiangge bangles, Longchamp bag and Mossimo shades.)

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