Sunday, July 13, 2014

Archive: Turquoise dream

 This teardrop turquoise necklace is one of my most favorite accessories. I got it in 2005 in my second ever trip abroad, to Hong Kong, at the Jade Market. It was also my first "independent" trip since I was alone almost the whole time. If there's ever a place that's great for exploring alone, it's Hong Kong and it's highly organized tourism board and lots of friendly Pinoys to help you out.

So yeah: this necklace holds lots of memories, but it's also still stylish, and a foundation for thinking up outfits. Like this:

Turquoise necklace + turquoise flats (Solemate c/o SM Department Store), and old maternity dress from H.A.B., and a gray SM Surplus Shot cardigan.

Oh and black hose to distinguish the look from weekend to workweek. Voila!

So do you have accessories around which that you build an outfit? Are you the type who thinks of shoes first, and figures out what matches with it later? Do share in the comments!

The Archives are posts of my old OotD shots that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. 

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