Friday, July 18, 2014

First day of school Plaid

My Instagram friends know I've been a bit emo lately, because my youngest, my little baby girl -- pictured here at two and a half months at her christening -- has just started nursery school.

Stop it, invisible ninjas cutting onions! Stop!

Anyway, in honor of school uniforms, I went with plaid. Elise when floral.

I love how the coral and the sheerness makes this plaid shirt from Terra Nova a lot lighter and feminine than my old school grunge shirts.

It's so easy to throw it on with cropped trousers (Bayo) and mommy realness pink loafers (Reva) and go out the door.

Elise's bright floral shirt is from Carter's and her jeggings are from Metro Gaisano. Polka dot maryjanes from Solemate c/o SM Department Store.

Also, her kuya Ynigo started high school -- oh excuse me, Grade 7 -- that very same day.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some baby albums to look at. Sniff!

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