Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stand tall

This shade of emerald was a hard color for me to like at first (reminds me too much of the Girl Scouts, not that my time there wasn't fun, just that it reminds me too much of camping trips trying to slice tocino with a too-dull knife *shudder*) but after finding this beautiful green and gold top at the bazaar at Festival Mall, I find it regal and wonderful.

Yup, I think green's becoming my go-to color when I want to feel graceful and elegant

I also found that pairing a simple top in a strong color with a black maxi skirt makes me all statuesque, as if I grew a couple of inches!

Bonus: my daughter's schoolgirl OotD with gray leggings and a Landmark dress. (I'm wearing my bazaar top with Terra Nova skirt and Solemate flats.)

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