Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Warby Parker Fall 2014 collection

I love eyeglasses. I can't pass by a stall without trying some pairs on. The right pair of eyeglasses can really add dash or sophistication or a touch of hipness -- even accentuate your best features or communicate your personality, loud and clear.

Gotta be honest, though. The really nice ones I've seen in the optical shops are designer brands and veeeerrryy expensive. So when I heard of Warby Parker from my favorite lifestyle blogs, I was really excited. They carry stylish, boutique-quality eyeglasses at a fraction of designer prices. Think US$95 for custom cellulose acetate frames with titanium temples. But what I really like are the refined simplicity of their designs. The eyeglasses are quite sculptural and elegant even when they venture into the bold and cheeky side of design.
Warby Parker's Fall 2014 collection
For Fall 2014, Warby Parker released nine new designs and two new hues.

This is one of the new hues, Petal Tortoise -- "a painterly mix of soft pinks and earthy browns" -- in the Annette shape.

This is Striped Pacific, "a streaked combination of rich, seaworthy hues". This style is called Hardy. I think it's very cool and for some reason I picture an adorable geek-type with huge blue eyes -- think Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe -- wearing them!

The fall collection features three clear designs. Would you be able to pull off the crystal Coley? It's funky, right?

But this is the one that caught my eye --the Chandler Ti. This is in English oak. I've been in love with the idea of wooden frames lately, and this one -- just the right mix of professorial and organic -- pushes all my design buttons.

Check out the rest of the Warby Parker Fall 2014 collection here.

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