Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello, blog world. It's been a while! (understatement of the very new year.)

Since my last post (in October, GAH), I've been able to get my sugar under control by limiting my carbs (none as much as possible in the evening) and sugar. Although of course I let myself enjoy the holidays, so let's just say I'm in no hurry to get my blood tested again. Since January I've started this exercise plan from Buzzfeed that's been great in training me to get back into the routine of exercising frequently and intensely.

But also since October I've been really feeling the push at work. I now lead a whole unit of people who look up to me for guidance, support and coaching, and juggling that while handling my own clients hasn't been easy. Between my career and my family and caring for my health, well, blogging (and style) has fallen waaaay down the priorities list. The last time I took an OotD pic was back in October too, and my heart really wasn't in it.

Yep, I've turned into one of those women who "dresses in a uniform" and throws around words like "power dressing" about.

It wasn't a conscious decision, really - it's something borne from necessity. I've found that I need to communicate a certain message, and my personal package - that includes my clothes - needs to be part of that. And the last thing I want to do when I'm running on four hours of sleep and contemplating a long day managing people and clients with a jog thrown in the evening is to fiddle around my closet and come up with an amazing style blog-gy look, let alone snap a picture of it.

Part of me feels sad. I started this style blog just after having my baby girl and I found inspiration and joy and yes, confidence, from the process of documenting what I wore each day. But now what was once inspiring and joyful seems like yet another task on top of a never-ending to-do list.

Another part feels like it's only a natural progression of things. As my life changes, so to the things I take inspiration from. I will always love design and I will always admire people who express themselves so well through their clothes. I will always try to incorporate that in my own life, and not to unlearn the lessons of confidence and joy that I got from running this blog for the past four years. But I do feel that the time has come to downscale. To clean out the closet of the frivolous and start holding on to the clothes that reflect who I am, and don't need an artfully draped scarf or a cinched belt to work.

I came across this article from Lucky Mag on the KonMari method of cleaning out your closet, and I felt really inspired by it. This part really spoke to me:
As we figure out who we are, it's only natural that we accumulate stuff that doesn't suit who we end up being. But keeping it around is dead weight. Who needs more anxiety about the people we could have been, had things gone a little differently?

So what does this all mean for this blog? I'm hoping to keep it around, still, and maybe keep on posting, but from a different angle. Before all this I was talking with someone about getting styled, and I'm hoping to get that restarted again (hoping!!). I don't want to live blah and drab! Style is important! But maybe in manageable amounts in the morning. ;-) We'll see. :D

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