Saturday, March 28, 2015

60s Wedding

My former teammate and friend Abbie is a die-hard Beatles fan and a person with her own unique sense of style. It was no surprise then that her wedding was a one-of-a-kind, Beatles-themed event!

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"We'd love for your to come in a 1960s cocktail look," her invite said. I'm not a person who can resist a costume theme, but I did wonder how I could pull it off given that I hadn't had a day to shop or book a hair appointment the whole week before the wedding!

First thing I did was text Anne. "Where can I get a 1960s cocktail dress?" "Check out Tango in Glorietta," she replied. And oh my gosh, did I find my dress there!

It's a sort-of red-orangey cocktail dress with dramatic sleeves. The best part aside from the fact that it fit me, was that it was loose enough to skim my curves -- no need for shapewear, which is really uncomfortable, especially during the reception hehehe -- and I could wear a normal bra with it, because strapless bras are the devil.

The make up I wasn't too worried about since I've perfected my winged eyeliner game, but the hair was another thing. This tutorial rescued me! I decided to do a half-up-half-down thing on hubby's advice. The jewelry I'm wearing are gifts from my friends in India (who are the sweetest!) These costume pieces got a lot of compliments and people kept on kidding about my overall Ninang realness. Ganyan talaga pag mukhang mayaman!

The overall look:

Hubby says this is my Royale Business Club look!
Tango dress, gray silk clutch from Cambodia, costume jewelry from India, and blue wedges from Charles & Keith (a gift from my mom). I went for the wedges for that retro vibe and a contrasting color...and also because I realize I don't have formal sandals anymore and I wasn't keen on shopping for a pair!


Anne Bella said...

So glad you found a dress in Tango!!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the tip! :)

Ginger Sanches said...

I like weddings very much! It's a happy occasion for every woman! Be wanderful! Look in here to do that paper writer Love each other! Thanks!


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